United merchants aggregate customer centralized marketing

Common customers bring more drainage

Unified platform gets more discounts

Unified promotion and rapid coverage of the platform

Quickly screen merchant marketing information

Precise marketing drives the promotion effect

Precise promotion drives consumption desire

Significantly reduce the cost of comprehensive promotion

Save time, effort, money and worry

Member sharing,store sharing,general pointsresource integration
Hong Kong -2 modes
General integral mode

General points mode the headquarters issues general points and formulates uniform points rules. Merchants shall purchase points from the headquarters and distribute them to cardholders, who can redeem the points on the headquarters website.Businesses have low entry threshold, easy to form scale effect, capital recovery cycle relatively long prepaid card.

Prepaid card stored value mode

The member stores the value in the headquarters, and enjoys the preferential consumption with the card. The headquarters settles accounts for the merchants in accordance with the agreement.

One-card, online and offline integration - based on local
Hong Kong pass - three main body
  • Joint business

    Hong Kong traders

    Member sharing, business model sharing, different industry drainage, to achieve the growth of customer flow and turnover;Operating data sharing, in-depth mining, multi-dimensional analysis, to develop suitable marketing plans;Free member marketing system, accurate management of members.

  • Aggregate customer

    HongKong link operator

    Based on sharing, distribution, online and offline closed loop, cross-district, cross-industry and cross-field business alliance;Integrate a large number of business resources, mining data value, organize various city activities;Fine operation, aggregation of merchants, members, provide personalized services.

  • Concentrated marketing

    Hong Kong link member

    Consumption points rebate, both discounts, but also to enjoy rebate;Quick inquiry merchants, enjoy booking, to the store, home and other scene services;Online and offline integration, merchants use, easy consumption;Enjoy one-stop shopping demand, diversified, three-dimensional scene show.

One-stop Hong Kong local excellent service
Experience our creativity
  • merchants

    Shared membership brings more drainage Unified promotion and rapid coverage of the platform Precise marketing drives the promotion effect Reduce marketing costs online and offline

  • Consumption platform

    A new business model: offline mainly, online auxiliary, a number of cross-regional cross-industry cross-field merchants, create and provide fast and preferential consumption platform, form a unified virtual member settlement system

  • members

    Unified platform gets more discounts Save time, effort, money and worry Quickly screen merchant marketing information Accurate push to find better products

  • The membership card

    Members do not need physical CARDS, only the mobile phone can save a lot of membership card trouble, at the same time to protect personal privacy, members of Hong Kong universal, anytime and anywhere easy consumption, you can choose to pay in Hong Kong pass or pay in the store, and then to the store consumption or pick up goods

  • Consumption platform

    The online and offline integration of commercial customers enables the same time and space to create higher efficiency, universal cash coupon cancellation, universal throughout the city, and voluntary participation of merchants, effectively driving cross-consumption, information loop, incentive fee, full scene adaptation to meet all kinds of environmental needs, all-round payment

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