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24 hrs on line

24 hrs customer service helps each consumers and merchants.

Solving fundamental challenges and delivering amazing value.

Custom made solution

Every merchants is unique and uses other means to reach its goals.

That is why we propose tailor-made software solutions adapted to your needs.

Data analysis

Merchants may check analytics information instantly.

Measuring transactions with instant payment notification.

Marketing promotion

Base on a powerful platform data analysis

More accurate marketing promotion program

Online Payment

A variety of online payment provides consumer and merchants

a more convenient way to secure payment

Free upgrade

New technology development is changing

We will update our program in time

To ensure our customers stay ahead of competitions.

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INHK , a new way of life, a new business model.

Cross region ; cross industry ; cross business.

A faster, convenient way building amazing communities in the process through our economic impact.

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Combination of interesting and thriving business coupled with people who visit frequently.

Redefine how small business attract and retain customers by providing them with customizable and scalable marketing tools.


Members receive plenty of benefits.

Saving time and effort, enjoy their life in a more effect, less complex ways.

Discovery and save on amazing things to do, see eat and buy.

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Members do not need a physical card, by using mobile phone save trouble with a bunch of membership cards.

Personal privacy protected.

Anytime, anywhere easy to use.

Various method of online payment.

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Business customers online and offline fusion to the same time and space to create higher efficiency.

General vouchers write off vouchers all city general.

Merchants voluntarily participate in stimulating cross-spending and stimulus.

Full scene adaptation · Support PC, tablet, mobile phone, mobile POS · Various terminal adapter.

To meet a variety of environmental needs · universal payment.

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